Sunday, March 9, 2014

Linkcare will support 1.3 million Chinese Village Doctors continued medical education

Linkcare and had agreed to collaborate together to deploy a mobile learning platform to support the China's Medical Doctor Association project of continued education. The learning platform, based on WeChat social network, will be of mandatory use for continuous professional education of 1,370,000 rural doctors around the country, serving a total population of 780 million citizens.

The project has been set up to sustain the legislation ruled on March 2013 by the Ministry of Health of China to improve China’s Rural Health care system. Once fully deployed, the continuous education program will become the world's largest one of its kind ever.

Founded in Beijing in 2010 by young entrepreneurs Zi Jun, health marketing specialist, and Wang Wei, medicine graduate, 360med has quickly become China's leading company in digital health communication. Their Weibo page has 1 million followers, most of them doctors, and their customers include most of the transnational pharmaceutical companies doing business in China.

Linkcare Health Services

Founded in 2010 as a spin off of Barcelona’s Clinic Hospital, Linkcare is specialised in Clinical Knowledge Sharing and Integrated Care for Health Care Professionals. The company was promoted by pulmonologist Dr. Josep Roca with his team: Albert Alonso, Carme Hernandez and Felip Burgos, to bring to market the international research made during the past decade by IDIBAPS. In 2012 the start up received an investment from Tanaka Consulting. Right now the company is closing its first financing round under the leadership of it’s president Jose Sanchez and it’s CEO Dr. Jim Roldan, an entrepreneur and business angel specialised in international high tech venture development.

The village doctors project has been supported by the Spanish Ministry of Economy and Competitiveness under the project IDENSSA (INNPACTO program grant number IPT-2011-1333-900000)