Friday, April 24, 2015

Catalan Ministry of Health delegation showcases Health Information Systems in Beijing

A delegation of the Catalan Ministry of Health has been invited to participate in the "2015 Chinese medical innovation application development forum" organised by the Chinese Ministry of Health on April 23th and 24th.
In the conference, the Catalan delegation composed by representatives of different health care information system units of the Ministry of Health showcased the "Catalan Shared Health Record" (HC3: Història Clinica Compartida de Catalunya); the citizen "Personal Health Information Website" (LMS: La Meva Salut) and the Adjusted Morbidity Groups (GMA: Groups de Morbiditat Ajustats), an stratification tool that allows government level planning of Health Care demand according to patient's risk stratification.
The meeting have received support from   "悠远水滴网络科技有限公司" (You Yuan Shui Di Network Technology Co., Ltd.), the partner of Linkcare in China who is currently delivering Continued Medical Education to 1.3 milion Chinese Village Doctors in collaboration with the Chinese Ministry of Health.

Mr. David Monterde (Head of statistics of the Catalan Institut of Health -ICS-, the public health care provider in Catalonia), Dra. Yanjie Gao (Director of Health Statistics and Information Systems of the Chinese Ministry of Health), Oscar Solans (Head of the Catalonian Shared Electronic Health Record at TICSalut) and Jose Manuel Sanchez (Director of Linkcare)

General view of the "2015 Chinese medical innovation application development forum"

Dra. Yanjie Gao during the conference opening ceremony speech

Linkcare's director Jose Manuel Sanchez during the presentation

After confirming the mutual interest for a further collaboration, the Chinese Ministry of Health and the Catalan Ministry of Health have agreed to continue conversations to discuss a potential technological exchange agreement.

Linkcare is an spin of of Barcelona's Clinic Hospital delivering a Clinical Shared Knowledge Platform connection patients, caregivers, practitioners, community primary care centres, specialists, researchers and tertiary hospitals.