Tuesday, April 8, 2014

Barcelona Digital, Linkcare and the Hospital Clínic promote the Barcelona Virtual Health Practice

Barcelona Virtual Health Practice is a long-term strategically partnership to become the health and care model for chronic patients from technology transfer applied to the health care and clinical practice
Both organisations, aimed to improve the efficiency of the health services through the use of digital technologies, are working in jointly projects of technological innovation and applied research, such as Synergy-COPD or Idenssa-TIC.

Barcelona Virtual Health Practice (BVHP) is the strategic partnership signed by the president of Barcelona Digital, Antoni Massanell, and the managing director of the Hospital Clínic, Dr. Josep Maria Piqué.

This long-term strategic initiative created with the aim of technology transfer in health care and clinical practice and to become reference at the international level in health technology. It is aimed to transform the model of health and care for chronic patients on the basis of the improvement in the provision of health services and make them more efficient through the use of digital technologies in the treatment of a chronic patient. 

The main aim is to increase the contact between health care providers and patients, improve the diagnostic quality and sustainability and reduce physical visits.

The partnership will be fixed with the joint participation of Barcelona Digital, Linkcare and Hospital Clínic in R&D programs and the development and implementation of innovative projects that generate new business models for both institutions and new partners that participate in the future.

Regarding research programs, the benchmarking technology centre in ICT and Hospital Clínic will coordinate to take advantage of funding opportunities arising from the Horizon 2020 new European program. They participate together, as partners, in proposals and subsequent execution projects - in case of procurement- according with the objectives of the BVHP.

Creation of future agreements and investor input
Both organizations seek alliances and agreements with companies and incorporate the necessary investment partners that will ensure the economic viability and the development of various projects and programmes.
The BVHP will keep in mind the needs and points of view of the different stakeholders involved in the health care process, with the aim of influencing in the medical practice.

The Barcelona Virtual Health Practice project has been supported by the Spanish Ministry of Economy and Competitiveness under the project IDENSSA (INNPACTO program grant number IPT-2011-1333-900000)

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