Saturday, March 21, 2015

Happy Walker project started the second trials

“Happy Walker” (H☺W) is a European Project which aims at developing services on a smart phone to create a better condition of life for the older adults, helping them to maintain an active life style and extend their mobility for as long as possible.

A co-creation process with potential end-users took place in the Netherlands and Spain during 2014. The first trials were carried out with two target groups: people who live independently at home and people with mild cognitive problems that limit their mobility. The objective was to test as many functionalities as possible, to get information for improvements. The results of these trials provided very useful information to enhance the services.

The team of H☺W has been working to create a better version of H☺W and just started the second round of trials on February 2015. With this second and more intensive trial, the H☺W team will collect user’s suggestions to make the first version of the services that could be marketed.

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