Monday, March 2, 2015

Linkcare showcases Chinese Continued Education Program at Mobile World Congress

Linkcare Health Services, in collaboration with You Yuan Shui Di Network Technology Co., Ltd. (悠远水滴网络科技有限公司) presented the "Village Doctors Digital Framework" project during the ECHAlliance's "2nd Health & Wellness" conference of the Barcelona's Mobile World Congress 2015.

Ms. Zhiai Liu, Linkcare's associate in London presenting the 
Village Doctors Digital Health Framework

The Village Doctors Digital Framework project delivers a continued medical education (CME) program to 1.3 million Chinese Village Doctors following an agreement with "China International Exchange and Promotion Association for Medical and Health Care" a unit belonging to the Chinese Ministry of Health.

At the right,  image of the main menu of the Village Doctors Digital Framework. The education program runs over the WeChat mobile social platform.

The continued medical education program includes medical topics review and case studies. By following the training exercise, village doctors earn educational credits to comply with Chinese Government requirements on doctor's continued education.

The app includes information and updates on the Chinese Government's Health Care reform, and a marketplace to obtain information on drugs and medical devices.

Doctors can also use the platform post orders on medical equipment.

The full program includes services to improve health care delivery to village citizens and to improve communication between doctors and citizens though e-vists.

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